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S for Surfing is a game made for the 7DFPS 2014
Surf, do tricks, gain score, unlock surfboards

Tips : Don't forget to attract objects (Right Click) to bump on them and get higher !

W,A,S,D for moving
Hold Space for front & back flips
Hold Left Click and release to make waves
Hold Right Click to attract objects

R to Restart
F for Full Screen (indispensable)
M to.. wait, you wouldn't mute the music, would you ?!

This game has been made with love by

Gama (Programmer, Game Design)
Yadoob (Game Art)
Pepper (Sound Design, Game Design)

Thanks for playing :)

The tricks :

  • Wave Jump
  • Ring Bump
  • Balloon Boost
  • BackFlip
  • FrontFlip
  • 360 Trick
  • Contact
  • Like A Bird
  • Rainbow Grind
  • Dolphin Approval
  • Cloud Nine
  • High Five With The Moon

Gotta do em all !

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsGama, Yadoob, Pepper
Tags7dfps, First-Person, surf, surfer, surfing